Juliana Korver
5x PDGA World Chamption
4x WFDF World Flying Disc Overall World Chamption
3x Double Disc Court World Chamption
2x Freestyle Players Association World Chamption
Disc Golf Hall of Famer
2021 DGPT Rookie of the Year

I started playing disc golf my senior year of college. That was in the fall of 1992. In 1995 I won the PDGA Am World Championships and turned pro immediately following. At the time I was a grad student working on my Master's in Computer Science. I tried to hit as many tournaments as I could in 1996 and 1997, but was constrained by both time and money. It was 1998 that I really made a concerted effort to get to the events that had the most women and the toughest fields. That was also the year that I won my first Pro Women's World Title. In 1999 I played 31 PDGA sanctioned events winning all but one. In 2000 I quit my job, sold my house, and hit the tour full time. I continued to tour full time until 2004.

When I first found disc golf in college, I was craving an athletic outlet. By 2004, I was craving an intellectual one. I slowly stepped away from playing. I then took up running and competed in about 13 marathons and a handful of ultra marathons. My best marathon performance was at the 2011 Seattle Rock 'n Roll marathon where I ran fast enough to qualify for the Boston Marathon. By this time I had settled into a programming job that I really loved.

In late 2013 I became refamilarized with the Flying Disc Overall by attending a double disc court tournament in Mesa, AZ. By early 2014, I started training for the WFDF Flying Disc World Overall Championships that would be held later that year in Fredericksburg, VA. Flying Disc Overall events consist of as many as 7 disc disciplins including: disc golf, accuracy, distance, discathon, DDC, SCF, and Freestyle. Of the 7 events, 2 require a partner and are arguably the hardest to learn. They are DDC (Double Disc Court) and Freestyle. In 2014 and the first part of 2015, my focus was mostly on DDC. In August of 2015, I dedicated myself to learning freestyle. During this time, I was playing disc golf a little bit given that it was part of the overall, but it definately took a back burner to Freestyle and DDC.

Fast forward to 2021. I decided that I wanted to play a few more disc golf events mainly to see people from the disc golf world. Just before hitting the road, my programming job dissappeared as a result of COVID. I expected I would play disc golf for a month and then spend my time looking for another programming job. But during my time on the road, I once again caught the bug. I had a renewed energy for the sport and thanks to the Disc Golf Pro Tour, the concept of living on the road as a professional disc golfer was changing very much for the better. There are so many people touring now for the sport that it is a community. I fell in love once again with the concept of being a professional disc golfer and decided that, at my age, if I want to do this again, it has to be right now.

I will be touring full time in 2022 with fellow Disc Golf Hall of Famer, and fiancé, Jim Oates. Jim also has 5 disc golf world titles to his name. When we are at events that offer age protected divisions, Jim will be competing. Otherwise, he will be my support staff and caddy. Knowing that I will be on the road in 2022 with "my family" brings a level of comfort that I did not have in 2021.